Activities at Wagtails Farm Stay Kennels

As standard, all dogs are walked three times daily, morning, afternoon, and early evening. The afternoon walks can be tailored to your requirements of indoor, outdoor off lead, etc, or to include a groom and a look at the farm animals, it’s up to you.

Grooming *
We can shower and brush your dog ready for their return home or if in need of a trim, you can make an appointment with our resident qualified groomer to have them fully groomed. Prices available.

Day Care
Got a wedding to go to, moving house, decorating or got a puppy and have to go to work all day? We can give you a break and take care of your dog and ensure they will get extra attention throughout the day.

Socialisation *
Add an extra to their stay by giving young dogs some experience of other animals and sights and sounds in a safe, controlled environment.

Text/Email Updates *
We can send you an update while you are away so you can have peace of mind that your dog is safe and well.

* Extra charge for this service.