We have 10, large, indoor apartments for dogs, 2 of which are large enough for several dogs from the same family.
Each individually heated apartment can be furnished with a choice of clean, comfy beds with Vetbed or your own blanket from home.
DAP (dog appeasing pheromone) diffusers are used to help create a calming atmosphere.

We will feed to your requirements wherever possible and you can also bring your own special food if you wish. Otherwise, we feed twice daily with high quality CSJ dry food.

Outdoor Play Area
We have an extensive area of fields available around the farm where dogs can enjoy varied, on lead, safe, walks. Our garden area is ideal for off lead running around and playing with toys.

Indoor Play Area
For those who prefer indoors or just want a fuss, we have a play room with a sofa and music and toys to play with.

Shower Area
Walking in fields is fun but can be muddy, so a warm shower is available to wash off paws or even give a full shampoo and dry before going home.

Wagtails Grooming Room

Chantelle, our qualified resident groomer can groom your dog whilst they are staying with us or give a full bath and, blow dry before going home. Contact Chantelle directly to arrange this. Non residents are also welcome to book. Mobile 07495486596

It goes without saying that we are fully licensed and insured and have 24 hour veterinary cover.